Fundraising for MATES!

Often, people approach us and ask if they can fundraise for us by doing particular challenges, this could be anything from a cake sale up to a marathon.

Below are some examples of what people have done over the years, as well as some challenges that you can involved in on our behalf and others that are happening right now!


Check out Owen's journey on Instagram @owen3890

Rob and Owen's Ultimate Challenge

"On the 13th October 2023, we are planning to run/ruck from London to Birmingham along the Grand Union Canal wearing weighted vests and ankle weights on each leg. This will take us 8 days moving for 7-8 hours per day and covering a total of 225km (140 miles), the equivalent of around 5.5 marathons!!

The day after we arrive in Birminham, we will be competing in the first Hyrox race of the 2023/24 season" (read more about Rob and Owens challenge here...)

Upcoming Events

TeamMATES take on the Chelmsford Marathon!

This Marathon is for both MATES and our friends at One Love Rescue, we do all we can to raise funds for the small animal rescue in Crete, however over the winter their stocks have become very low and they have had to stop taking in new dogs as they need to make sure they can feed the ones they have.

MATES is also run in Crete and we have found that volunteering at One Love when you have an addiction or mental health issue is a brilliant way of boosting your positive mental health and starting to help rebuild your life (read more here...)

Past Events

Chelmsford City Supports Club walk from Snowdon to Hemel Hempstead

Continuing their exploits of the past few years, on the 22nd April 2023, a small group of Chelmsford City fans completed a massive walk from the Mount Snowdon peak in North Wales to Hemel Hempstead in time to see the fixture between Chelmsford City and Hemel Hempstead!! (read more...)

TeamMATES skydive for One Love

On the 8th of July 2023, our team - TeamMATES - Martyn Cook, Kieren Abraham, Scoot Flindall and Adam Sainsbury took on the challenge of a 10,000ft skydive, raising funds for our friends over at One Love Rescue, Crete!

One Love is a very small dog rescue where volunteers get together to rescue abandoned or injured animals. Many have been abused and One Love rescue them, get them back to good health and do all they can to find them their forever home (read more here...)