Our first MATES PubHub was launched in Chelmsford in November 2020 and offers a supportive safe space where people can come and pick up info about mental health groups as well as being the home of MATES FC and the MATES Golf Society.

In February 2022, MATES PubHub moved to its new home of The Gardeners!

There will also be new drop-ins and events held here as and when restrictions allow. The Pub is run by one of our MATES and MATES FC Ambassadors, Lee, who is on hand to assist. 

Meet Lee!

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What's on?

MATES  Mental Health and Wellbeing Drop-Ins

- Every Wednesday from 8:00pm -

For more information, drop us an email or get in contact direct with the Gardeners:

The Gardeners Facebook: @gardeners.springfield

Be great to see you and meet new MATES!

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