Conversations Change Lives

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“Mental ill health is not a terminal disease, but it’s the biggest killer to men aged between 19-50, we need to change this, we need this to stop. Your attitude to mental health can change someone’s life, please work with us to break the stigma, raise awareness, educate and start the conversation... Conversations Change Lives, together let’s get the conversation started and let’s give people the lives they deserve” 

David Chase - Founder & Director of MATES CIC 

What is MATES ?

Mental Health Awareness Through Educational Speaking

MATES CIC was created to be a safe community where people can speak openly about mental health.

It’s about honest, friendly and real conversations. 

MATES was created in 2017 by Dave Chase who recruited some of his own mates to volunteer and help create a new online an in-person mental health support group.

We revolve around a safe Facebook members-only group which acts as an online chat room for people to speak openly about mental health.

As well, we hold regular and weekly activities to give our community plenty of events, places and opportunity to go out and where our MATES  Ambassadors are on hand to start the conversations and listen without stigma or judgement. 

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As well as the MATES  Private Facebook group, we also have other, public social media...

What we do in person...

We are a team of ever expanding MATES  Ambassadors that will continue to grow as our online community does.Conversations Change Lives... so we want to do all that we can to start and facilitate those conversations.We hold weekly drop-ins, weekly walks, weekly runs at ParkRun, quiz nights, cycle rides, big walks, yoga and mindfulness sessions, weekly football fitness sessions.We also have both a full 11-a-side and a 5-a-side football team to provide an opportunity to be part of a team again, but with us, there is no necessity for commitment, it’s one match at a time and everything is free to those from our community! 

What we do online...

The power of conversation is one of the most important weapons in the fight against suicide and mental ill health. So that’s what lies at the heart of MATES !Our online chat room in the members only Facebook group allows and encourages our community to speak and get everything off of their chests. That release of thoughts and worries is such an important thing to do!Our online community of over 1500+ caring and understanding people are their to listen, support and share tips, contacts and advice, whilst our MATES  Ambassadors are there to listen, chat and signpost to professional services where necessary. 

Join our Strava!

As well as online and in-person, MATES  have a number of Strava groups!

Strava is a social fitness platform with more than 100 million users in 195 countries worldwide, used to record over 30 types of activities with features to help you explore, connect and measure your progress. 
So even if you cant join us in person, why not set yourself a goal, get out the house and post your walk or activity on our MATES  Strava pages and be part of our ever-growing Strava community!

Click here to join our MATES Strava community!

This is a great little community that doesn't matter where in the world you are, or if you are not physically near one of our events, we can still support each other, even without meeting.

This is great, especially for people with anxiety.

Nothing here that tickles your fancy?

Both MATES and MATES FC work closely with the great people at active Essex. 

Active Essex do everything they can to keep the people of Essex healthy, active and occupied, whether that be physical or mental health.

By clicking on their great Find Your Active website, Active Essex have made a one-stop-shop of listing as many activities available in Essex as possible.

This could be anything from gardening, helping out at an alotment, to different sports, all in our community.