MATES  Cycling Club

MATES Cycling club is a great opportunity to get out of the house and is flexible around you!

Throughout the year, various events and short rides will be advertised and organised in the MATES Public Facebook page, and we would love you to advertise any rides you are doing in your local areas as well!

The other great thing about MATES Cycling Club is our Strava, meaning whenever you go for a ride on your own or want to start a little challenge with others, just log into the MATES Strava Cycling Club to share your ride, any photos and to get a great pat on the back from our cycling community.

MATES Cycling Community on Strava and Cycle Club is whatever you want it to be, maybe you are looking to do a fund raising challenge for us or any other good cause, share your training, share your experience, share your ride!

Meet your Cycling Ambassadors!

MATES Cycling group is hosted by your MATES Ambassadors:

Meet Matt!

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Meet Rich!

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Meet Ross!

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Meet Danny!

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If you would like to organise your own ride or would like any more information, contact us at or put a post in the Facebook group!

Join our Strava!

As well as in-person, MATES  have a number of Strava groups!

MATES Cycling Club is from MATES mental health awareness group and was set up for you to join our positive mental health ambassadors in getting out and about on your bikes to improve your mental health and create a community that all understand and care.

We will be there to all support each other. 

Getting out in the fresh morning air kick starts your day like a dynamo and can have a positive effect on your physical and mental health for up to 7 hours. So even if you cant join us in person, why not set yourself a goal, get out the house and post your walk on our MATES Strava pages and be part of our ever-growing Strava community!

Strava is a social fitness platform with more than 100 million users in 195 countries worldwide, used to record over 30 types of activities with features to help you explore, connect and measure your progress. 

This is great little community that doesn't matter where in the world you are or if you are physically not near one of our events but still allows us to support each other, even without meeting.

This is great, especially for people with anxiety.


All MATES Mental health Awareness Through Educational Speaking Community Interest Company events are free to participants and are run by volunteers. There are no permissions expressed or implied by the organisers. Participants make use of the facilities at their own risk and without express permission from the organisers or venue owners.With any Physical or Mental health activity you should always seek advice from your GP before taking up a strenuous physical pursuit or engaging in situations that may cause emotional distress.By attending you accept that you do so entirely at your own risk and that it is your responsibility to ensure that you am fit and able to take part in the event.All volunteers are here to listen and signpost. We are not mental health professionals.MATES Mental health Awareness Through Educational Speaking Community Interest Company and its volunteers do not accept responsibility for injury, loss and damage sustained by a participant unless the above injury, loss and damage is proven to have been caused as a direct result of negligence on the part of the organisers.By attending one of our sessions you are agreeing to follow these guidelines.